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The show topics could include dating after divorce. How to have a successful Blended Family. I would even like to explore what is a good wine to have when are sitting down talking budget with your spouse.
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Welcome to the podcast BLENDING THE FAMILY

Oct 20, 2017


On October 8th I did not realize that everyday of that week would be a great day. Here is the run down of each day from that week:


  • Sunday had wings with my wife Ann. It was an unscheduled date night because we still did not have a functioning stove. We sat there talking and just enjoying each others companionship. There was some very honest conversation that made at one point a bit awkward but we got through it.
  • Monday as our Colorado weather shifted to snow, I had a job interview. Listen as someone who simply wishes they had a profitable business there are still moments of working a “day job.” Still waiting if I have been hired.
  • Tuesday morning my son Connor texted me to ask about the job interview. He is my “Guardian Angel” because he helped me get the job interview. Stay tuned for that post.
  • Wednesday’s are the days I pick Connor up for his hockey practice. From the time he gets in my car until we leave the rink and I drop him off at his moms’ house it is just magical for me. This is extra time to spend with him.
  • Thursday was a interesting day. Not only was I a guest on a local radio morning show but I was hosting my weekly podcast. When you are on both sides of the microphone in one day it does make for a very fun day.
  • Friday we had a special dinner event. My wife Ann is a member of Kiwanis and her club was holding their yearly installation dinner for their new board members. Connor and I were able to attend this event to help support Ann. Unfortunately we had to miss our daughter Becca’s volleyball game. The team won and we will get to see Becca play again this week to support her.
  • Saturday was hockey day even though Connor did not get the start we all went to his game. Oh and we had wings for dinner after the game.


Then there was Sunday and church. I am not used to having a positive week as the one I shared with you. My days are more like Eeyore with the constant cloud over head. However, the message from our Pastor Tim was a message I had heard MANY years ago but it really sunk in on Sunday. Yes I am a bit slow, OK very slow.


Not 100 percent sure if it was in a book or an audio program that the message was handed to me from Zig Ziglar. Zig was one of the first motivational speakers that came into my life. To paraphrase what he once stated was all about having daily motivation. We need daily motivation to be in a happy mood. Agreed?


Here is how these three pieces of context: My week, Church and Zig Ziglar, all come together.


Why don’t I have more wonderful weeks as I pointed out to you? The reason is that you and I need to believe that good things can happen to us.


Zig preached that to stay positive we need to feed our minds with good books and positive people everyday. There are trends where if we are having a bad day then we reach for a motivational quote or an uplifting video but that should be a daily routine.


James 1:12

12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.



Pastor Tim spoke to us at church from the book of “James” whom I learned was the half brother of Jesus. Who knew?


What I took away from the Bible passage was very similar of what Zig says of being a positive person. What the James passage means to me is that we need to have faith daily not just on Sunday’s.


The original post was going to be very different. Very different. Please try not to freak out when I tell you that the post was a note.  This note was written a few weeks ago when my depression was at it’s low of low (understand what type of note?).


On the outside my demeanor is being positive but on the inside, Eeyore.


 Believe me when you read this that I am very self-aware that everyday is not going to be rainbows and Unicorns who are pooping out Skittles.


A friend of mine described his depression as fog rolling in and out, somewhat back to normal. That is how at times my depression is too.


My thought process is just to heed the advice of Zig and Tim. We need daily positive, inspirational, even Biblical messages. Listen, not only should YOU do this daily but find positive content that you can share with your kids.


Sara Blakely is one of my hero’s and no I do not wear her SPANX product. She was very much influenced by her dad. One dad her dad gave her some Dr. Wayne Dwyer cassettes. This was very key to her life because even during a tragedy in her life when a friend of hers was killed, she was able to get through the emotions with positive messages.  Another piece to her success comes from sitting at the dinner table and being asked “what did you fail at?” Odd question. However, her dad would ask her and her brother because it taught them that failing is good. Failing will teach you life lessons. Failing will get you to success.   


We adults need to let go that life is perfect or that we are going to be a looser every single day. Do not get scared of asking for help. Maybe even praying can help. We all want the good life but watching or listening to what is wrong in “The World” is not going to help you. What you should be focused on is what is going on in “YOUR WORLD.” Does that make sense?


Here is what I am going to put either back into practice or start doing. My hope is that you will take these three tips to heart for your own inspiration.


  1. Upon waking up to meditate. I have an app on my phone called Headspace. There is both a free and paid subscription and currently I still use the free one. You only need 10 minutes to start your day off in a good way.
  2. The gym is where I have epically failed or as the kids might say hashtag epic fail. My new practice is to go to the gym and not just show up but workout. Here is the “thing” and that is I just went through two months of physical therapy for my hips and back. I need to be to do daily stretches and muscle toning. 3 days a week can be done.
  3. Consistently write content. Why is this a positive? I know that my writing is not the best but I am very transparent and want to share my life to hopefully help you or others. Maybe inspire. I know that is a long shot. Anyway, new daily content on a social media platform. Finishing my book would be a another goal that is part of the writing.



For many of you who too suffer from depression these suggestions have been used to help beat depression without medication. I AM NOT A DOCTOR!


Who is with me? Having a great week was just the start of consistently having MORE weeks that are wonderful.


We just need to fill our mind, body and spirit with good things. No more Eeyore.   



Marcus Aurelius Anderson's new book  "The Gift of Adversity" comes out this month on October 31 and I wanted to make sure I put that out to you.


Do you like quotes? How about books on quotes? A very good friend of mine Jamila Bryant has her first book out "Quote Junkie Diaries" and it is super cool. Each quote in the book are her own thoughts. Please go to her website and buy a ton of books.


Executive producer and host of the podcast Blending The Family where you can find on Stitcher Radio, ITunes and IHeart Radio. Tommy has spoken at TEDx, Ignite Fort Collins and Keynote Speaker at Everything Dad Convention.  The author of the books "25 Tips For Divorced Dads.” “Why not you, Why Not Me” and His new book “My Dad’s Advice At 5:04 AM” is coming out in 2018. Tommy enjoys a good red blend while writing or hiding from the family. A dad to Betsy, Becca, Connor, Duke and husband to Ann. You can connect with Tommy at the website Blending The Family.Com




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